Sable Burmese kitten, Charlie, runs hell for leather!

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Traditional Burmese
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Who ever heard of a brown cat? There are only two breeds in the Cat Fancy producing dark brown cats: The Sable Burmese and the Havana Brown. But, Burmese come in three other colors and one of them is brown, too!

Moonmaid Cattery began with a Blue Burmese, Ch. Westwynd Pandora Box of Moonmaid. Ch. Westwynd's Pandora Box of Moonmaid
Ch. Moonmaid Hershey Silk Chocolate with Moonmaid Oliver Bar Diemos

Pandora's first litter produced Ch. Moonmaid Hershey Silk Chocolate, a very light colored Champagne Burmese (shown here with sable Oliver).

The Champagne Burmese comes in two different hues: light and dark. Pandora's second litter produced a dark Champagne Burmese, Moonmaid Jiro. Moonmaid Jiro
Ch. Moonmaid Callisto Pandora's third litter produced a beautiful Platinum Burmese, Ch. Moonmaid Callisto. (Callisto is also shown in the cat pile below; she's the white adult at 2:00 o'clock)
Burmese come in other more obscure colors, recognized only in Canada and the U.K. This is Moonmaid Bilbo, one of my champagnes, with a blue tortoiseshell girl. Champagne male and Blue Tortoiseshell female
Four cats and eight kittens in a pile

If you love the Burmese breed, I suggest expanding your color horizons. They make very lovely combinations and it's very nice to be able to tell them apart. I had one of each! (the adults in this cat pile are Oliver, Hershy, Callisto and, under them all, their mother, Pandora.)