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In the Encyclopedia of American Cat Breeds (T.F.H. Publications, 1978), Meredith Wilson describes the Burmese: "There is just something about the breed. They are very affectionate to begin with. They also tend to love perpetual motion. They love people and being loved and being cuddled...They have sweet voices and nice manners, and they can be very dignified." Is this the temperament you want in a companion cat?
Then consider a Burmese!

When most people think of the Burmese, they picture a dark brown or sable cat with short fur, stocky or cobby body, large, round gold eyes, with a rounded head. The Burmese that we know today was developed in the United States and Europe during the 1930's from stock that was imported from Thailand and bred to Siamese cats, thus producing hybrid kittens.

The solid color kittens (brown) were in turn bred to other solid color Siamese-hybrid kittens. When the resulting offspring consistently produced solid brown kittens, application for registration in the major associations was made. Today , all registries accept the sable (brown) cats for Championship status, and most of the North American associations have accepted the dilute colors (blue, champagne and platinum). In Europe, breeders are able to exhibit other colors also -- reds, creams and torties.

The Burmese is a very friendly cat - excellent with people, as devoted to their owners as most dogs. You can expect a Burmese to have one special person who is the chosen favorite but their hearts are big enough for the entire family. They are confirmed bed cats, choosing to nap when you do. Many will crawl right under the covers with you. If you don't want to sleep with your pets, this is not the cat for you.

Another characteristic that the Burmese often share with the dog is the desire to play fetch. This is a cat that stays fit and active almost all of its life. The Burmese has 'surprising weight for its size' because it is so muscular. You will seldom see a fat Burmese.

A Burmese kitten comes to its new owner as a ten to fourteen week old energy bundle. Its coat will be short and sleek, eyes are large and will become clear yellow-to-gold, and the promise of a well-muscled, shoulder-loving, people-pleaser will be evident. Even though easily trained to retrieve, walk on a leash, and respond when called, don't expect this little tyrant to always follow the Emily Post rules of social conduct! After all, people are in this world to be sat upon, share bed and table with, provide clean litter boxes and, of course, entertainment.

When you purchase a registered Burmese kitten, you should expect that he/she has a sound genetic background, is established on a prime nutritional regime, is in good health, has received the required vaccination for his/her age and is well-versed in all the expected Burmese behaviors. In short, your kitten should be loving, loyal, healthy, responsive, energetic, intelligent and able to carry on a conversation that will win your heart and admiration.


See Burmese in several of the available colors. Hit here to go to the Color Gallery.


MOONMAID Cattery was started in 1990. Breeding was restricted to traditional Burmese, with a special emphasis on the dilute colors (Blue, Champagne or Chocolate, and Platinum or Lilac). But, when rhinotracheitis (Feline Herpes) was given to the cattery, we discontinued our breeding program.

Moonmaid Cattery is no longer breeding (our cats now are from a feral litter rescue); we aren't expecting any kittens in the future.

Please check out the Feline Breeder Referral List or link directly to FBRL's Burmese Breeders to continue your quest for the ideal Burmese kitten. Please enjoy the site here and check out some of the links to useful information about kittens and cats.

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